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Product design

DOSUNO frames are made with SILIFLEX™, an exclusive material that ensures maximal resistance on frames manufacture. The ability to dissipate heat, makes SILIFLEX™, a highly resistant material on resistance tests, recovering its original shape on stress and strain even at low temperatures. SILIFLEX™, makes DOSUNO an unbeatable collection.

SILIFLEX™, is a very low density and super light material that provides to DOSUNO frames an exceptional flexibility. Special mention to the hinges with a total flexibility that makes temples capable of 360º rotation not suffering deformation or breakages. SILIFLEX™, is an organic material, 100% recoverable based on vegetable natural resins compound.

One of the most important tasks of our design department is to study last fashion tendencies in order to develop trendy frames by combining colors, shapes and styles that satisfies our customer needs.


Dosuno means Spain, color, versatility, quality, a brand built for dynamic people with different lifestyles and hobbies related to physical activity. Men and women with an active way of life that don’t give up and look for most innovative and updated products without overlooking environmental care. Versatility is what best defines the new DOSUNO collection.

Marketing, Sales and Communication

Communication team is in charge of spreading the message and content of the brand through the best channels. The Marketing and Sales team is responsible for coordinating the entire team of brand agents and distributors worldwide.

Customer Service

Our Dosuno goal is to produce the best glasses of the world, so that our customers feedback is really important. Our Customer Service team manages any issue it may arise and give advice related to our products.

Finance and Legal

They ensure that our company meets all legal, tax obligations and accounting requirements set up for achieving our goals. They also maintain a fluent relationship with all internal departments.


The Production department manufactures all designed products of our collections. They also improve existing products, always making sure they comply with all regulations.

Media & IT

The IT department is responsible for managing the company's computer systems providing and developing the technological tools necessary to optimize the processes and tasks of each department. They are one step ahead in these areas.


Dosuno managers train our teams to achieve professional goals because the brand is growing fast. The brand is growing fast that we need to set up our goals efficiently.

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